The Funky Keg

The Funky Keg

Best hot tub rentals in Winnipeg

Are you looking for the most unique and best hot tub party ideas? Why not rent a barrel of fun in Winnipeg, Steinbach, Winkler, and the surrounding area?

Rent our beautifully unique trailer unit with an all cedarwood barrel sauna and a round hot tub with comfortable seating for up to 6 people. This is ideal for a hot tub party in your back yard or to park for a weekend at your cottage.

We have the best hot tub rental prices

  • $500.00 /plus tax per weekend
  • Drop of and set up will be on a Wed/Thu
  • Take down and pick up will be on Sun/Mon
  • Delivering and pick up will be done by a certified person


  • Driveway has to be minimum 20 ft wide and 30 ft long
  • Flat surface
  • No backlanes or sidewalk parking
  • No indoor parking


For bookings or more information please contact us at

Who are we?

Since our start in 2016, we have provided the most unique and talked about hot tub rentals in Winnipeg.

The Funky Keg is a family owned business offering a unique mobile sauna and hot tub experience that can be enjoyed anywhere you have access to running water and electricity. The business partners who immigrated to Canada from Europe and South America wanted to take the traditional Finnish sauna and transform it into something that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

The all cedarwood constructed barrel sauna is equipped with a wood burning stove and is attached to a solid trailer unit that features a beautiful round hot tub that can seat up to six people comfortably.

Enjoy the Scandinavian wellness experience and relax together with friends and family while also improving your health and blood circulation. This mobile hot tub and sauna unit is suitable for all occasions, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having a BBQ party or celebrating a romantic anniversary. It's perfect in any weather and fun for everyone! Rent your own sauna and hot tub today and step into a world of soothing relaxation, making your special occasion a truly memorable one.