Rent a completely unique sauna in Winnipeg?

In addition to providing Winnipeg’s best hot tub rental services we also rent our custom cedarwood barrel sauna here at The Funky Keg where your comfort comes first.

Our aim is to provide you with a fun, distinct kind of sauna experience right in your backyard! Many of our happy customers have used our sauna in Winnipeg or at their cottage.

Why Funky Keg?

We bring a weekend getaway to you with our unique sauna and hot tub. We provide our exceptional services all over Winnipeg. If you’ve been at the Forks in Winnipeg with family or friends on a perfect Winnipeg winter day, come home to the best Winnipeg sauna experience.

Give us a call at (204) 218-7083 and we will make it happen.

Give us a call at
(204) 218-7083
and we will make it happen.

Sauna and chill!

Ease your muscles, sleep better, spend quality time with friends and family – what better way to get this 3 in 1 experience than renting our sauna in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Our cedarwood barrel sauna comes with an attached wood fired heater plus an interior with LED lights to lift up your mood and instantly calm you. All the firewood is provided.

Why our sauna in Winnipeg?

Providing you with absolute comfort is our main aim here at The Funky Keg which includes us taking care of you by being extremely hygienic. If you are worried about cleanliness, we have got you covered. We take this responsibility very seriously and we take all necessary steps to completely sanitize our mobile sauna after every use. We make sure the benches, floors, and walls of our sauna are cleaned and scrubbed.

Our sauna experience is highly recommended and quite frankly needed to unwind after an intense ski, bike, or hike outing. The night air gets quite chilly here in Winnipeg and in cottage country and the extra heat from our sauna can prove to be extremely healthy for your body. There are numerous health benefits that our sauna can provide to you.

Your body deserves a break and Winnipeg’s best sauna experience has got you covered! All you have to do is give us a call at (204) 218-7083 and invite your friends and family while we bring Manitoba’s most unique sauna and hot tub to your front door.