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Be our guest and get ready to experience the amazing portable hot tub experience we provide.

First learn about our services and then be confident that you’re renting a luxurious quality portable hot tub from us.

How do we stand out from other hot tub rental companies?

The Funky Keg is a family owned business which aims to provide the same comfort and love a family does. We make sure our portable hot tubs are clean and comfortable because our families use them too!

The Design

The hot tubs we rent at The Funky Keg are not average, simple hot tubs. We want to deliver happiness and calmness to everyone who uses our tubs. We don’t ever sacrifice portability for simplicity. Our hot tubs are designed to allow us to bring comfort and fun just about anywhere you want.

Our hot tub features

  • Our hot tubs are have a 79” diameter and are 33” deep.
  • There are 20 individual jets to give you a gentle massage while you relax.
  • The hot tubs have comfortable surround seating for 6 adults.
  • The empty weight of a hot tub is 275 pounds. Fully filled, it will weight approximately 3,000 pounds.
  • The heater needs a household 120v plug.

Reasons why you should rent a portable hot tub in Winnipeg?

We can bring the party to you wherever you need it to be. Since our portable hot tubs only weigh about 275 pounds, we can easily transport them in our trailer and can roll through a 34″ doorway opening.

Rent a portable hot tub from us any time of the year. We will bring our hot tub to your home or cottage. Once we deliver the hot tub to you, we’ll need a water source to fill it and a common 120v household plug-in. No special surface, wiring, or plumbing is required.

Call use now at (204) 218-7083 to rent the best portable hot tub in Winnipeg!

Call use now at
(204) 218-7083
to rent the best portable hot tub in Winnipeg!