Pricing for renting a hot tub from The Funky Keg

We know that many amazing memories are made in cottage country in Manitoba and Ontario. We also know that renting a cabin or cottage can be extremely pricy so why not let us help you make some amazing memories more affordable?

The Funky Keg Pricing

The Funky Keg can be rented on a per weekend basis. If multiple continuous weekends are reserved, we will leave The Funky Keg throughout the week(s) until the final weekend.

  • Can only be rented over the weekend
  • Minimum of 1 weekend rental
  • Rentals can span multiple weekends if available
  • Drop offs will always be on Wednesdays
  • Pickups will always be on Mondays


  • $500+GST for the first weekend
  • $300+GST for each weekend following the first weekend

Portable Hot Tub Pricing

The Funky Keg also offers portable hot tubs that can be easily transported many places The Funky Keg can’t go. If you have a cozier place where you want to relax with friends and family, our portable hot tubs are perfect.

  • Our portable hot tubs are rented in 1 week increments
  • Minimum of 1 week rental
  • Rentals can span multiple weeks if available
  • Drop offs and pickups will always be on Mondays


  • $300+GST tax for 1 week
  • $500+GST tax for 2 weeks
  • $900+GST tax for 4 weeks


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon reservation.

The remaining amount must be paid 1 week before delivery.

Extra Mileage

The Funky Keg is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our rental cost includes all destinations within 50KM of the Perimeter highway.

If we need to deliver anywhere outside of that radius, we charge $2/KM. The extra mileage applies to drop-off and pickup.

For example, if we deliver somewhere that is 80KM outside of Winnipeg, the added extra mileage fee would be $120.

  • Drop off
    • 80KM – 50KM = 30KM x $2/KM = $60
  • Pick up
    • 80KM – 50KM = 30KM x $2/KM = $60
  • Total
    • $60 + $60 = $120

To find out where we can take our hot tubs, go to our service areas.

Call use now at (204) 218-7083 to rent the best portable hot tub in Winnipeg!

Call use now at
(204) 218-7083
to rent the best portable hot tub in Winnipeg!